5 Basic Rules of Poker that no one tells you about

August 10, 2019 3:52 am


You may have heard a lot about techniques in poker and strategies, but did you know the 5 basic rules that can see you through a fruitful poker-night?

1) Be attentive- While it is totally okay to listen to songs while playing, it is equally important to keep your ears open to listen to what the other players are saying. Otherwise, it might result in you missing out on an important announcement by your opponent which may hamper deciding the correct moves.

2) Maintain calmness- It is very likely that during the game some players may make an unjustified move or attempt to cheat. But, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your calm and treat them with respect.

3) Tip the dealer and staff- After winning a pot, or when you are being served with food or drinks, it is customary to tip the dealer and the staff. The amount may depend on the amount of the pot, or you may tip them according to how much the fellow players are paying them.

4) Protect your hole cards- Peeping is a usual sighting during poker and the players need to be careful in hiding their cards from their opponents. Keep the cards upside down on the table and ensure they are not picked up by anyone else.

5) Be a gracious player- Playing comes with both winning and losing. Whatever position you may end up in, do not make a fuss about losing or be overjoyed about winning. That draws more respect from the fellow players.

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