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‘Amateur’ to ‘Amazing’: Five Winning Poker Strategies Experts Swear By

November 20, 2018 4:09 am


Poker began as nothing more than a pastime in the early 1900s. Fast forward a century and now the money-making aspect has taken centre stage. With the game having become more challenging than ever, winning can be hard to come by for those who want to take it to the next level. Here are five tips that will help you go pro in no time:

Tip #1: Graduate from ‘fish’ school

Playing like a rookie will only make it hard for you to earn money. How do you stop being a rookie? Easy. Climb up the stakes. Playing at high stakes boost your chances of landing a profit significantly. But remember: jumping up the stakes ladder is challenging. Sometimes you may have to deal with loss and depression for a short while before you actually pick up. Study bankroll management and make informed decisions at the table, and soon enough, you’ll be a shark.

Tip#2: Perfect Multi-Tabling

Online poker has become quite popular and profitable in recent years. To become successful, you must learn the art of multi-tabling. You’ll need nerves of steel and laser-sharp focus to truly master this skill. Multi-tabling enables you to play more hands, thus increasing your chances to earn profits. Think of it as juggling; a lapse in concentration could send your profits tumbling. Every successful online poker player knows how to multi-table. For instance, the legendary Phil Ivey 4-tables Omaha PLO cash games. Some poker enthusiasts have been known to play up to 20 tables at a time! As someone who’s new to it, start off with 2 and then make your way up.

Tip#3: Pay attention to your opponents

Observing your opponents on the poker table is what seasoned poker players do. As you play more, you begin to notice certain tendencies. These are called tells. Poker tells give you a surprising amount of information regarding a player’s next course of action. By accurately reading your opponent’s tells, you’ll make the right decisions against them more frequently resulting in you winning more money.

Tip#4: Find the right game

Those new to poker hardly ever analyse a game before taking part in it. Choosing the correct table remains a critical, yet highly overlooked aspect in poker. Ideally, you would want to play at a table where players are less skilled than you. Capitalizing on their inexperience will thus allow you to make profits. While you may be tempted to match up against players of comparable or greater skill, you need to realize that you’re playing poker to win money.

Tip#5:  Don’t overthink

Keeping your decision-making process as simple as possible will earn you more success. You may be in a situation where there is an influx of information and you feel the need to process each and everything. Do not to get overwhelmed. Slow the situation down in your hand, and give your brain ample time to process. Analyse each bit of information, think logically and decide the most lucrative move.

Bonus Tip: Get inspired

We all have role models. If you’re looking to become a better poker player, you need to find a source of motivation. Poker, like any other mainstream sport, has inspirational figures. Take the rags-to-riches story of Phil Ivey for example. The 10-time WSOP bracelet winner used a fake ID to access Atlantic City’s casinos to earn money. He started at the bottom, and look where he is right now. His story has been an inspiration to so many budding poker players.

“When we play, we must realize, before anything else, that we are out to make money”David Sklansky, American poker player and author.

Now that you have a role model, the next step is building your skills. Watch video tutorials, read blogs, visit and interact with poker members to enhance your poker playing capabilities. Over the long run, your success will translate to riches, fuelling your passion to grind it out on the tables. But, before you register on any online poker room, be sure to check out bonuses and promotions available to you.





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