Avoid looking like a newbie in your next Poker tournament

November 13, 2019 1:01 am


Avoid looking like a newbie in your next Poker tournament

Have you recently joined the Poker world and shy away from playing confidently with the professionals? Poker being a game of skills, you are not far away from reading your opponent’s moves and beating them to win the jackpot.


With these tips and tricks, emerge as the confident most player from your next poker tournament:


Don’t play every hand

Poker is a game of patience and you need to take a call of your next moves based on the hand you are dealt with. Unless you own a hand with high pair like aces, kings, queens, jacks or tens- it is better to fold even before seeing the flop. We are often tempted to play every hand we get and last as much as possible. But if you are playing with the aim of making money, it is better to fold before the flop.


Betting tips

In poker, betting is the hardest most part to be figured out. Thoughts like when to call or raise versus to check or make a bet overpower our heads. If you bet a very high amount, your fellow players may fold and if you bet too low you won’t be getting enough reward for your winning hand. Thus, finding a balance in betting the right amount is the key.


Be aware of your table positions

Table position is the place where you are seated in relation to the dealer and it helps to determine how you are going to play your hand. If you are sitting in the first few positions to the left of the dealer, make sure you do not make high bets unless you are calling. But if you are in one of the last couple spots before the dealer, you are in the best stop as you have already witnessed the moves of the other players and you can make a better-informed decision on betting.


Try guessing what others have

It seems almost impossible to guess what others have in their hands, but after observing carefully you can easily narrow down your guesses by their moves and expressions. By putting yourselves in their situations, you can make out what moves they are planning to do next and if you get lucky, you take the jackpot for yourself!

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