Be the Shark of your Poker Table with these easy steps

October 11, 2019 11:44 pm


If you are a Poker lover, you might have heard about Chris Moneymaker, one of the most reputed poker players in the world. In 2002, he started playing poker as an amateur and by the end of 2003, he had beaten all the best poker players in the world to emerge as the winner of the World Series of Poker.

Sounds incredible? Presenting you simple yet effective tips for beginners, which will let you become a shark among the fishes in your table:


Get familiar with the hand rankings

In poker, players often get confused between pairs, straights and flushes. The basic and important most rule of becoming a skilled poker player is having adequate knowledge of the different types of hand rankings. The hands you decide to play effects largely the position you are in.

Start at Low Stakes

Playing poker with low bets may not interest you initially, but it helps you in the long run. It reduces your risk of losing a hefty amount in the games where you may lose and boosts your confidence to play more and implement the strategies which you have learnt. Once you are confident about playing with the professionals, then only join the games that require a heavy betting amount.

Play tight and aggressive

Games like Texas Hold’em poker requires detailed knowledge about its rules and strategies and as a beginner, and amateurs usually fall into the trap of opening many hands too early. Call or raise only if you have a probability of having a strong hand, otherwise, you can decide to flop. This will help you in losing less money on the game.

Keep on practising online

The difference between the fishes and the sharks on a poker table is the amount of practice. The more you practice, the better player you become. Start with playing online games that are free and once you get a hang of it, join a game by investing real money. 

If you are wondering where to start from, Poker Raker, one of the best online poker sites in India, helps you with that. Here, you not only get to enter a table with a buy-in amount as low as ₹55 but also it helps you to keep your bankroll safe with assured rakebacks on every game. 


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