Brighten up your Diwali with Online Poker Without losing a Fortune

October 22, 2019 11:58 pm


Diwali is an occasion where you get together with your family and friends, to have a night full of games and have fun. It becomes your best opportunity to show off your poker skills along with winning a lot of money.

But, Poker being a game of skills and a bit of luck, you often end up losing a hefty amount if your luck doesn’t favour you. To make sure it isn’t the case, Poker Raker offers you guaranteed rakeback deals, where you get back an amount of the money invested in the pot, irrespective of your win.

So, are you ready to hit the jackpot? Follow these simple tips and get yourself playing:


Don’t be the first player to limp

Limping is the minimum amount required to place a bet in order to stay in a hand. If you are the first player to enter the pot, avoid limping at any cost. No matter how poor your hand is, if you limp first, it indicates to the other players about it and they may raise the betting amount to make you fold soon.


Defend your Big Blind

The big blind is a crucial position as you already have a big amount invested in your pot. Whenever you are faced with a raise while sitting in the big blind, you are already in a better position than others as you are the last person to act pre-flop and have the advantage of calling a good number of hands according to that.


Fold when you are unsure

What differentiates an amateur from a professional poker player is his ability to lay down a good hand like a top pair when they think they are being beaten. When we fold, we surrender our chance to win the game thus it is difficult to do so in practice. But calling too often in wrong situations equally cuts down your chances of winning, that too at the cost of losing a hefty amount.


Raise when your opponent is weak

Players usually don’t check with hands that keep on calling multiple bets often. When they do, it means they have a relatively weak hand which they may soon fold if faced with multiple bets. When you catch hold of your opponent’s weak hand, take advantage of them with bluffing aggressively. It will ensure at least one the players will fold their hands upon raising.


Now that you are aware of the winning tricks, play online poker this Diwali with your kith and kin and celebrate earning a good fortune on this occasion. Wishing you a prosperous Diwali ahead!


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