Exploring the fantastic world of poker promotions

October 29, 2018 11:32 pm


Most people agree that online poker trumps its live counterpart in many ways. The biggest advantage is the abundant incentives and deals that users can claim from poker rooms. Let’s take a closer look into the most popular online poker offers:

Welcome Bonuses:
Welcome Bonuses are generally marketed to new users. Normally, they are asked to deposit a particular amount on the website in exchange for a number of interesting goodies like 50% cash back, discounted tournament entries, and even free cash. Welcome bonuses are synonymous with deposit bonuses.

Reload Bonuses:
Reload Bonuses are somewhat similar to welcome bonuses. The only difference is that they’re for existing users. Often they are bestowed as rewards to users for simply being ‘customers’, other times it’s to spur inactive players to play on the website. Additionally, the rewards on offer are less grand than those from welcome bonuses.

Loyalty Programs:
Loyalty programs are perhaps the most common and highly profitable programs a poker room has to offer. As users play games, they receive points which accumulate into the player’s account. Once accumulated, these prizes can be exchanged for VIP status or clearing bonuses. Furthermore, users can also claim the following.

  • Entry to online poker tournaments

  • Discounted or waivered bank fees

  • Points multipliers

An even more lucrative offer presents itself in the form of rakeback. As the name may suggest, rakeback refers to a portion of money which can be reclaimed by the player from rake. It is a form of an incentive as well as a promotional tool poker rooms use to reward loyal customers. Users claim a portion of rake refunded directly to their poker accounts after a given period of time. It is a convenient, hassle-free and sure-shot method the earn money.


  • Convenient
  • Unaffected by outcome of game
  • Can be used to generate poker bankroll
  • Can be used to supplement income

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