Five Crazy Casino Facts That Will Amaze You

May 31, 2019 5:29 am


Goa and Sikkim are notable destinations for casino goers in India. Over the years, there have been numerous bizarre stories associated with the glamorous casino culture, and we’ve compiled some of the craziest ones:

  1. It is illegal for Monaco citizens to gamble

Monaco is home to one of the finest casinos in the world – The Monte Carlo casino. The casino only welcomes foreigners but locals are prohibited to enter. This law was passed in the 1800s by Princess Carolina. But there is good news, citizens don’t have to pay income tax since the Monaco government uses the revenue generated from the casino.

  1. Sandwiches were invented in a casino

In 1765, John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, was such an avid gambler that he didn’t want to leave the gaming table to eat. Instead, Montagu ordered his servants to bring him some meat between sliced bread so he could eat and play simultaneously, thus giving birth to the concept of the sandwich. However, in actuality, Montagu wasn’t fond of gambling, but he did enjoy his namesake meal. This myth about him garnered attention everywhere, and soon people all across Europe began craving this meal. While Montagu didn’t actually invent the meal, he did give it its name.

  1. Some gambling addicts urinate all over the casino floor

Addiction counsellors claim that some gambling addicts take matters so far that they urinate all over the casino floor or wear adult diapers rather than step away from the gaming floor. One such incident was reported where a casino goer filed a complaint with the Indian State Gaming Commission after he sat on a urine-soaked chair at a casino.

  1. Nevada State Prison featured a casino for inmates

It’s no secret that Nevada houses a huge gaming industry. What is surprising is the fact that a state prison had a casino inside it for 35 years. Prisoners could take part in poker, blackjack, and even bet on sports in the ‘Bullpen’, a stone building in the prison grounds in Carson City between 1932 and 1967. However, the new warden shut it down in the following year after stating that gambling was a ‘degradation’ to inmates.

  1. FedEx Founder saved his firm by gambling in Vegas

This is somewhat of an inspirational story for small business owners and casino goers. The founder of FedEx rescued his faltering company by wagering in Las Vegas, and earning $27,000 in blackjack! The company had just $5000 in its account before owner Frederick Smith decided to fly to Vegas and go all-in. Smith’s risky manoeuvre paid off, and the company lasted long enough for it to raise $11 million in funds and make its first profit in 1976.

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