Five Poker Goals For Every Budding Player

August 1, 2019 3:53 am


Do you think you need to improve on your poker skills? If yes, then here are 5 poker goals that will help you hone your game.

  1. Play a fixed number of hands

Selecting a specific target amount of hands and hours to play per day is a significant goal because the target is both achievable and entirely in your control and you will get better through experiencing different spots and hands.

By setting this goal, you encourage yourself to play more often which strengthens your game. If you play online, you will gather a database of hands that can be further used to analyse both your and your opponent’s strategy.

  1. Keep Studying Poker

The biggest improvements in your poker game will come from studying it.

While this is not as enjoyable as playing but you will be grateful when later you become a better player. Training videos are very helpful, as they provide fundamental information and are generally prepared by experienced players. Even something like casual talks about hands poker-playing with friends can open your eyes to new ideas.

  1. Review Your Own Play

It is important to be self-critical. Reviewing the chain of your hand histories and specific elements of your game will help you to fill leaks in your strategy.

Poker tracking software is available online, and is a wonderful tool for this, as you can easily and quickly find past hands or tag hands mid-session for later review. It will also record hundreds of stats that can be used to identify where you are lacking behind.

  1. Move Up Stakes

One of the most delightful feelings in poker is moving up the stakes. You can set yourself a goal to move up in stakes once you have gathered a certain number of buy-ins.

Setting yourself a goal to climb the stakes is a good way to keep up your development as a player as you pit yourself against progressively strong opponents and you’ll win more money.

5. Maintain balance between Poker and Other Activities

Poker being such an addictive game it’s very likely to become completely obsessed with it. Like anything in life, you should enjoy the game in moderation. If all you do is live and breathe poker, you will find the swings it presents you with to be emotionally distorting. A big upswing will feel enchanting, but a bad downswing will be destroying if poker is your life.

By equaling the game with other activities and maintaining healthy relationships with people around you, you would be emotionally in a better state when sitting down at the tables. While you’re here, why not try out some poker rakeback deals?


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