Four Easy Steps to Win Big at Poker

September 23, 2019 5:31 am


Poker is a game where we invest a lot of time and risk our bankroll on it. It not only tests our skills but also involves having a lot of courage to face problems and decide the correct moves while being under extreme pressure. Presenting four simple yet important steps for you to go pro and never look back!

Pick a game type and stick to it

Stuck being a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? We say specialization is the key! While it is okay to start off with trying hands at different types of Poker, it is also important to settle for a particular game type that you excel in and specialize to win big in the long run. Be it as simple as 5 Card Draw, Omaha Hi-Lo or as difficult as Texas Hold’em, take your call and start practising.

Identify and isolate your problems

During an online poker tournament, several thoughts may crowd your mind like “Should I fold my hand?” or “Should I have worked more in the last bluff?”

Playing poker requires a lot of brainwork and is no less than solving a difficult maths problem. Hence, start with identifying the problem in your existing hand, analyze how you can improve it and take your decisions to go forward based on it.

Improve on your weakness

Not every poker hand is the same and each game demands a new strategy. Once you successfully identify your weaknesses, find apt ways to improve them. The best way is to watch professional poker players and study their strategies closely. Famous players like Fedor Holz and Doug Polk post valuable tips and content which can in many ways benefit you in acing the game.


The final and most important step is to put all your learnings to test. Remember where you made mistakes previously, implement the newly learnt strategies and stick to them. Be aware of the hands you are going to play in each position and while playing online, keep your ranges in front of you. Most importantly, if you play with a fresh mind and try to stay focused, nothing can ever stop you from winning the pot!

Thus, 4 Easy Steps + Hard Work= WIN At Poker!

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