Is It Possible To Earn From Rakeback Alone?

November 21, 2018 3:28 am


Online poker’s best feature lies in the concept of rakeback. The nifty incentive allows users to claim a portion of their earnings at the end of every month. But sometimes people wonder: Can I sustain myself through just rakeback? The answer is Yes! There are professionals out there who make a living solely through compiling rakeback, known as Rakeback Pros. A rakeback pro is a user who plays a hgih volume of games each day for minimal return. They largely focus on slotting in a large number of hours rather than making huge winnings at the table.

Becoming a rakeback pro

The first step to becoming a rakeback pro is selecting the right platform. There are dozens on online poker rooms that offer rakeback as well as other interesting rewards like VIP bonuses to users. Alternatively, you could even choose to visit a platform that hosts rakeback offers as well as poker discount coupons. The latter provides a broader scope of the best deals out there. The next step is selecting the right routine. To make enough money through rakeback you need to significantly increase the number of hands you play, and the hours you put into playing online.

On the contrary, it is important, to realize that it may become a little exhausting after a while. After the initial thrill goes away, poker can become quite a grind, particularly as someone who earns solely through rakeback. There will be ocassions when you need to play but don’t have the motivation. Burn-out can happen frequently when you play a high volume of hands.

Since you’re not earning regularly, you’ll need to meet your day’s necessary volume or you won’t get paid. Its not quite glamourous and despite not having a regular job, you will have to work extremely hard to maintain your volume.

Guidelines to becoming a rakeback pro:

-Practice Multi-tabling

-Maintain a routine

-Eliminate distractions

-Keep studying poker

-Maintain balance in your life

Does the rakeback pro lifestyle appeal to you? Discover the best deals on Poker Raker!


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