Poker Passion: Keeping the Fire Burning

October 16, 2018 2:16 am


To many, poker is a game filled to the brim with thrill, emotion and excitement. On the flip side, there are also moments of frustration and streaks of disappointment and bad luck. Like myself, most beginners start with a sense of enthusiasm, but somewhere along the way that desire fizzles out. What most people don’t know is that at some point or the other every poker player, even professionals, have experienced this decline. So, the key question is:

Why does the flame burn down?

There is no straight answer. Personally, playing poker can become tough after a while. This may not be the case for the minority of talented card players out there, but the fact of the matter is: Poker requires a great deal of patience. Having spent hours at a table, waiting for the right cards all for it to be ruined by a bad beat is the unsavoury side of the game. As bad beats pile up, disappointment seeps in. Often times, I’ve had to question myself: Why do I even play?

 Refuelling my passion

When it comes to poker, there are quite a few things you can do to rediscover your passion. Devoting more time to studying the game has immensely helped me. Looking at the game in a different perspective after having taken a break from the tables has helped me reignite my love for the felt. Spending time researching new things and learning from previous mistakes has of course helped me add an edge to my game. I have now understood that my motivation is fuelled by both making progress as a player and earning money regularly along the way.

Most players will agree with me when I say: “In poker, winning money is the biggest source of motivation.” I recently discovered that online poker rooms have all kinds of exciting online poker offers to retain their loyal users. Loyalty programs and deposit bonuses sound sweet, but there is one relatively unknown bonus that really caught my eye. I’m talking about rakeback. Through rakeback, poker aficionados, like myself, can now reclaim a portion of the funds we spend online.

The Best Part?

Rakeback is determined by the number of hands you play at the table and not by the outcome of the game. Even if you lose, you still earn money. Now that you know about it, the next step is learning where to find rakeback. Recently, I came across a website that hosts the best poker deals from well-known poker rooms in India. Poker Raker is an emerging player in the online poker space. Having gone through the website and its multiple deals, I instantly signed up for the one best suited for me. Now, I play freely and earn a refund at the end of each month. Rakeback helped me rekindle my passion for poker, and it’s more than possible that it could help you too.


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