Poker Terms you need to know before you join a table in Diwali

October 17, 2019 6:10 am


Poker Terms you need to know before you join a table in Diwali

With Diwali coming around the corner, the talk of the season is definitely about enjoying a night of Poker. If you are a novice in the Poker world, worry not because you can start playing poker games online and learn about the game before playing big in Diwali.

Sign up on Poker Raker and join a table with as low as ₹55 buy-in amount and get assured rakebacks whether you win or not. Presenting a few terms to help you brush up your poker knowledge before you start to play and take away the jackpot:

Blinds- It is a forced bet, usually put in by the two players sitting on the dealer’s left before any cards are being dealt. The ‘small blind’ consists of half of the betting amount and the ‘big blind’ is the full amount of the minimum bet that is to be placed.

Community Cards- These are the five cards that are placed on the table, belonging to each player. These cards come with three actions- Flop, Turn and River.

Flop- After the cards are being distributed to all the players by the dealer, a flop is a term used for denoting the first three cards that are flipped together at the beginning of the game.

Turn- A card that is flipped after the flop betting round gets over. It is the fourth card of a player’s hand on which a new betting starts.

River- The fifth and final card to be flipped. Then the last round of betting takes place after dealing, followed by a showdown and winner taking away the pot.

Call- It means matching the current amount of the bet made by the previous player in the round of betting. In the final round, the pot is won by the best hand held by one of the players who called the final bet.

Fold- When a player is unsure of their hand to place the next bet, they have an option to fold and discard the hand. It means that they are no longer involved in the game and it is returned face-down to the dealer.

Raise- When a player has already made a bet, the next player can increase the amount of it by ‘raising’ it to a higher amount. The next player has the option to either call, fold or re-raise.

Now that you are all set to enter the poker world, your countdown to hit the jackpot starts now!


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