Psychological tips for winning big at Poker

November 1, 2019 6:05 am



Psychological tips for winning big at Poker

One of the hallmarks of a great poker player is possessing a mental toughness to deal with the ups and downs of the game under extreme pressure. But who said you need to read heavy books to beat your opponents in poker tournaments? Presenting to you simple yet effective psychological poker tips to help you emerge as the shark in your river:

Observe other players before seeing your cards 

As soon as we are dealt with the cards, we go restless to peep into the hand we have received. But psychology says that it is more useful to observe others while they see their cards. A smile or a grimace on their face can hint a lot about the cards they are holding.


Always keep your ears open

Even if you have missed observing others, always keep your ears open. See if players are sighing or grunting- either of them will signal you what position they are in and help you in deciding on your next moves.


Spot nervousness on other players

If you see any of your opponents suddenly getting nervous, it is likely that they have got a very good hand. Most of the players get nervous when they face a chance of winning by a wide margin. 


Calculate the duration of staring at cards

On the other hand, people stare long if they have weak cards. They calculate the possibilities of winning and become extremely conscious about their upcoming moves. But if they are staring at you, it means they have a strong card and will soon bluff.


Stay observant even after you fold

Even if you are not a part of the play, continue observing your opponents. This will help you more in following all of the points mentioned above as you will not be under pressure to win the game. 


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