Sleep Matters: How to Improve Your Poker Game

December 16, 2018 11:33 pm


To function optimally, not only as someone who plays poker, but in general, getting adequate shut-eye is key. Those who play online poker tournaments at odd hours are at risk of doing great damage to both their well-being and their performance on the table. Getting 7–8 hours of sleep on a routine basis can unknowingly make a lot of difference. Here’s how sleep affects your game:

Improved Memory
Sleep is responsible for helping us process and retain information. When the body is asleep, the brain organizes and stores necessary information. A lack of sleep inteferes with the brain’s natural process and hinders your ability to progress as a poker player. Think twice before logging on for 10-hour sessions at the expense of your sleep.

Your emotions will be in check
Poker players of all varieties undergo ‘tilt’ from time to time. Insufficient sleep leads to irritation over the most inconsequential of things. A lack of sleep makes us emotionally vulnerable which in turn sets us spiralling on tilt. Sufficient sleep helps us deal with our emotions better.

Better Decision Making
When you’re getting enough rest, you’ll make better decisions and be an overall decent player at the table. This coupled with improved memory will allow you to remember how you played against rivals and will allow to analyze and strategize your game.

Greater Focus
Having trouble concentrating at the table? It is scientifically proven that sleep aids focus. A lack of focus is one of the chief reasons professionals make mistakes in the game. Often this lack of focus arises from exhaustion. Getting adequate rest enables you to focus on the table and play for longer hours without fatigue.

Players who grind it out for hours at the poker table to earn that precious rakeback will know the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep daily. Want to know how beneficial rakeback is? Check out this beginner’s blog on rakeback.


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