Spice up your work life with Poker Games

September 13, 2019 8:25 am


Maintaining the balance between work and personal life is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. With heavy targets to fulfill and hectic deadlines to meet, walking around in the office with dark clouds above your head is common. Now that you’re agreeing to this fact with a poker face, we say let Poker spice things up in your work life!

This will not only help you develop a better bond among your colleagues but will give you ample opportunities to earn a fortune too!


Have a small group? Play Omaha!

Statistics show that around 24% of the people feel isolated in their workplace, which not only develops a communication gap but also hampers their work productivity. Initiate a conversation with them and simple discussions about their favourite past time and hobbies can help create a bond with them. After you gel well with them, give a shot to play Omaha, where you can play online poker with as small as a group of 2 people.


Short on time? Sit and Go is just for you!

While taking a short coffee break or having a boring lunchtime, a short round of poker is always a good idea to make things interesting. Play Sit and Go, a poker tournament that does not have any scheduled start time. As soon as there are enough players at the table you can start playing and enjoy a short game.


Break the ice with 5 card stud.

One simple and fun way companies can ensure their employees get time to interact with each other is by making judicious use of icebreaker games. They can allow people who work in completely different departments and seldom interact with one another a chance to engage. For such instances, 5 Card Stud, the simplest of the poker games, is the best game to be played. All that you need to know are the types of hands and you are all set to win!


Hang on tight to your chair!

Why? Because you don’t have to round up your colleagues and physically drag them to the table. All you need to do is open your app, log into your account and start playing. 

What’s more? You can find a wide array of lucrative online poker offers at Poker Raker — India’s home for best rakeback deals. So what are you waiting for?


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