Strange Poker Tales That Will Make You Chuckle

April 12, 2019 12:27 am


Newspaper headlines have been a constant source of information and amusement for readers. But what do you get when poker is added to the frame? Here’s a look at some crazy stories that were captured in the papers:

Eggs being used as stake

A town in Billings, Montana were suffering from a cash crunch in 1921. Adamant about not letting their poker game die, the men of the town formulated a plan. Eggs were normally used to barter for other kitchen staples like flour, so it was easy to determine a value. Hence, the ‘egg ante’ was born. Farmers gathered for games at night and carried eggs gathered during the days. It’s unclear if the farmer ever used livestock or other alternatives for their games.

Wife comes to the rescue

It is not uncommon to become addicted to playing cards. A businessman named Tom in small American town had developed a bad habit of losing money at the poker table every night. His wife devised a novel plan to stop her husband from going broke. She challenged her husband to a game of cards. In the late 1890s poker was considered a man’s game, so the question of a woman challenging a man came off as absurd yet amusing to Tom. He agreed. It wasn’t long before Tom became so obsessed with beating his wife that he stopped attending his nightly poker games. Later, the question changed from who would win to how much his wife would take from him. At the end of 6 months, Mrs. Tom had accumulated $200,000 of her husband’s securities stashed in her safety vault; a priceless lesson indeed for Mr. Tom.

Risky Business

You all must have heard of FedEx, the multi-billion dollar company? In 1973, the company was close to bankruptcy and was down to its final $5000. The owner Fred Smith was also facing a whopping $24,000 fuel bill to pay. In a final blaze of glory, Smith decided to head to Las Vegas and wager the $5000. Call it luck or divine intervention, Smith hit a timely run of cards and made $27,000 thus saving the company from shutting down. 40 years later, the company is running smoothly and Mr. Smith has a personal wealth of a little under $2 billion.

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