Three Guaranteed Ways To Avoid Going Broke in Online Poker

March 28, 2019 1:30 am


Nowadays, it’s become so easy to play poker. All one needs to do is open up a browser, type a generic query like ‘best online poker site’, and voila! You’re bombarded with a plethora of poker rooms. Amidst the excitement of playing poker, one often forgets real money is on the line. The last thing you want is to squander your hard-earned money and go broke. Here are some tips that will prevent you getting cleaned out:

Tip #1: Have a bankroll

A fund that’s dedicated to just playing poker is called a bankroll. Poker involves a lot of variables; you win some games and you lose others. What most accomplished players have in common is a bankroll. Set aside some funds to fuel your poker expenses. In case you do win big, don’t be tempted to blow it all away instantly. Save some money for your bankroll which will in turn reduce the risk of going broke in the future. Conversely, if you’re frequently losing, do not make the mistake of replenishing those funds from vital income sources. Take a breather to rebuild that budget and head back to the tables.

Tip #2: Play at stakes you can afford

It can be very tempting for a new player to rise up in the stakes. Obviously, playing at higher stakes implies greater winnings, but losses hit equally hard. Another common mistake poker players make is chasing losses. The need to recover lost money often results in going down an inescapable downward spiral. You can never quite get out. Exercise self-discipline and only move up the stakes when you’re confident about your ability.

Tip #3: Find someone to stake you

Staking refers to putting up cash on behalf of a player in the hopes that he wins. It’s like an investment. In this situation, your money is not on the line. However, to get someone to back you is challenging. Players with considerable reputation and who possess a proven ability to churn profits are usually backed.

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